As a valued client of One Data Center America, you will enjoy all the benefits of our Data Center located in Ontario, California, where we provide the physical environment necessary for keeping the servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One Data Center America operates its own facility located in the heart of the Inland Empire. Being centrally located near the national long haul fiber paths we are well serviced by multiple carriers.

To maintain servers that are required to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week requires a very specialized facility.

While a single server can be housed in a normal office environment (although the noise may not make this viable), there is limited room for growth. Once multiple servers are required areas such as cooling and power become critical points of difficulty, and a well designed and monitored environment needs to be considered.


Our network is the only one locally with direct connectivity to Downtown Los Angeles, meaning that we have virtual access to the exact connectivity and peering as any Data Center located in the Downtown Los Angeles area. Our connectivity is expandable to multiple 10 Gb direct paths to Equinix, Coresite and One Wilshire with the lowest latency, we also have other providers accessing to our Data Center from multiple entry points.

With a background in the design and implementation of large-scale networks, One Data Center America has created a network structure to support the large number of servers. We have built a network for the future, designing in ease to scale the network as the need arises.

Through the use of best common practices, and supplier guidelines the network has been designed to provide a high level of performance and availability while maintaining security.

The network core is designed for resiliency, and to eliminate any single points of failure. Having this level of redundancy reduces maintenance requirements, which is crucial in providing a 24/7 service.

Connected into this core, are the distribution and access layer switches through which the servers are connected. By utilizing a full Layer 3 to the edge design, fail-over times are reduced to sub-second levels, the point where a failure of upstream devices should be transparent to the hosted servers.

Filtering will be performed on the Internet access gateways, which limits malicious connections from entering the network. As required by customer needs, redundant firewalls are inserted between the distribution and access layers to implement increased security levels.


Our facility provides chilled air through the use of raised floor mounted air handlers. These units circulate and filter the cold air to remove dust and contaminants, with both room temperature and humidity kept constant all year round. The closed control air conditioning system is N+1 redundant to ensure that – even in the event of an entire unit failure – there is a backup system on standby to take over. This also allows for maintenance periods without requiring any outage.


Uninterruptible conditioned power is a key requirement for any computer equipment, especially in the case of servers that require their up-time to be maintained. Even with Southern California Edison power being very stable, short-term outages are still possible. Load shedding during summer months and other unforseen outages can come without warning. Brownouts and other transient fluctuations also can cause servers to reboot, and result in possible hardware failure.

Through the use of large APC UPS’s, One Data Center America is able to provide extensive run-time should there be any power issues. The UPS power is designed with change over switches installed so maintenance can be also be performed on the UPS without any outage.