Our private equipment cages provide enhanced security to customer infrastructure.

Private cages allow apportionment of customer racks and equipment into defined zones, providing an extra layer of high level of security. In response to the ever-increasing demand for secure methods of housing equipment within a data center colocation environment, we offer private cages that are designed with the customer in mind.

Our secure cage colocation option is ideal for companies that want to achieve absolute equipment security, data security and confidentiality.

Access to the premises is controlled by a secure key card system that has specific and limited access permissions assigned to the customer’s authorized contacts. Authorized contacts can be managed securely by the customer via the secure client portal. Our facilities also have modernized CCTV throughout, perimeter steel gates, man-trap, biometric devices, APC customizable combination locks per cabinet, privately assigned cage keys, and more!


We can provide premium blended bandwidth! The benefits of utilizing our blended bandwidth helps mitigate the risk of service interruptions. Additionally, One Data Center America has multiple carrier options on-site as well as the ability to reach carriers and data centers in Downtown Los Angeles, and more!

  • Internet security solutions
  • Load balancing of servers
  • Disaster recovery and back-up services
  • Cross Connects to various carriers
  • Remote Hands 24x7x365
  • Redundant Power