One Data Center America has put together a secured Data Center network designed to support high traffic from several thousand servers, providing consistently high speed and stable conditions.
The Data Center network is based on extensive research, analysis of best practice implementations, and extensive experience working with high network traffic.


  • To ensure business continuity in the event of equipment failures, One Data Center America Core routers are designed with no single point of system failure. The architecture supports redundant common equipment for all our routers.
  • Our core routers support 2+1 fabric redundancy and 3+1 fabric redundancy.
  • Our Data Center routers support graceful fabric degradation, continuing to operate even in the event of two or more fabric module failures.
  • Support 1:1 redundancy for the management module and N+1 redundancy for the power module.
  • Supports in-service software upgrades allowing the network operator to perform software updates without disrupting the operation of the network.

In addition to its redundant common equipment design, our Data Center routers support a number of other design features for maintaining continuous operation. All field serviceable components, including the management modules, interface modules, router fabric modules, power supplies, and fans are hot-swappable. In addition, each interface module has a temperature sensor. The sensor is used to control the system’s fan speed and airflow. If the maximum temperature threshold is exceeded for a module, it will be disabled by the system to avoid disrupting router operation. To protect against memory corruption, the routers management modules use memory that auto-detect and correct errors. These features, together with the self-healing attributes of the underlying Ethernet, IP and MPLS protocols help to ensure maximum uptime for One Data Center America networks.


  • AS19598


  • Path 1 -10 Gb to One Wilshire, Downtown Los Angeles (Direct Path)
  • Path 2 -10 Gb to ODC1 in Ontario, California
  • Path 3 – 10 Gb to One Wilshire, Downtown Los Angeles (Via ODC1)


  • Level3
  • Century Link
  • Cogent